The key to a healthy life is good movement. As a fitness professional, you may already have helped people around you improve their fitness level.

However, the Fitvigour Trainer’s Training Specialist Program will help you reach more members, build new relationships and expand your efforts to improve movement of more people.

Our training will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to train people’s body to have the correct posture and movement. From improving the core function to training athletic edge or boosting balance, our functional training programme for trainers will help you strengthen your career.

A career in Fitness and sports is something that has shown promise and potential in terms of money, growth and work-life balance. Apart from the gains that you will receive for your own physical and mental well-being, this training programme will ensure a good return on investment in terms of future prospects as well.

We provide some unbelievably great tips and tricks to represent yourself in the right manner as a fitness trainer and provide back-end support to connect with more members from all age groups.

It is a fully comprehensive program in which you learn all aspects of being a successful trainer that includes learning how to get a balance between diet, exercises and breathing.

Join Fitvigour to embark on your journey to become a great fitness trainer.

FitVigour trainer certification
FTC Level – One, Two, Three & Four
Become a fitness trainer in 3 months
Fee: INR 36,000/-