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Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life

Fitvigour combines the multi-dimensional aspects of fitness that help achieve goals for a healthy body, mind and soul. Our highly capable and expert trainers partner with you in your journey of fitness, and help you realize your true destination tailored to your body goals.

Through a variety and combination of fitness formats, Fitvigour acts as your one-stop solution for complete wellness that not only shows in how you look, but reflects in the way you feel throughout your day.

This injury safe program incorporates full body training which promises to make you active and fit even if you have never exercised before. The training ensures development of physical, emotional and mental health. The elements of this training are built up in a manner that won’t let you stop once you start. Our training program is specially designed to suits the need and comfort of the age group of 5 to 60 years old.


Functional training has gotten a lot of press lately for good reason: It’s not only a new and (not so) unique way of training but also one that has practical purpose attached.

Functional Training
Train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you do daily.
Train through the classic obstacle course method of military training to feel fitness like never before.
Physical exercises that are done without special equipment.
Self- Defense
Learn the art of counter measuring on how to defend yourself.
Establish functional capacity for body control and range of motion.
A challenging yet fruitful experience of training through asanas and pranayams.
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our clients
Krishanu Vats,
Krishanu Vats
Age- 40 years
To turn a lifelong couch potato into a fitness enthusiast is no small feat…”I’ve been trained by Fitvigour team and have seen amazing results… There was a time, when I was suffering with bad knee pain which prevented to jog/ run even for even 100 meter.  But gradually with perfect combination of diverse training methods and individualized exercise programs now I can easily climb stairs up-to 10~12 floors..

Fitvigour team is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they brings to every session. Fitvigour trainers makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! Trainers motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Trainers uses a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime.. Most importantly, I am always motivated because the workouts are always changing and customized to my specific needs.

I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great muscular strength. If you are serious about changing your life for the better and healthier, Fitvigour will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Fitvigour .., you are the best!”

Sanjay Soni,
Sanjay Soni
Age- 44 years

I had been into casual fitness since childhood, but I got to rediscover myself once I join Fitvigour. Fitvigour literally pushed me to move out of my comfort zone and with his rigorous, systematic and disciplined training I have able to do things which was unthinkable for me just couple of years back. Now I am able to do 100 push-ups (with 30-40 in single go), diamond push-ups, clap push-ups, flying push-ups, 40-50 pullups/chinups with 12 in one go, have done multiple 10km and couple of half marathons as well. Thanks a lot for believing more than me in myself.

Rashmi Soni
Rashmi Soni
Age- 41 years

Training at Fitvigour changed my life literally as it made me alert about the importance of fitness just at the right age of my life. Forget a half marathon, even a 5km run was unthinkable for me before I joined Fitvigour. But his methods of training with well-researched fitness regime helped me achieve this and many more like weight reduction, crunches, headstand and most important I can feel fitness mentally as well as physically

Age- 49 years
Hi this is Jai ,
I am 49 and have been with Fitvigour for the past 2 years he has changed the way i look at fitness and brought about a very positive change in my life .
I am the fittest i can be at this point of my life and what i really like about my regimen is that he understands my positive and negative factors both very well and than sets goals for me accordingly
he gives  a lot of attention to the fact  that there should be no injury while i do my programme.
Age- 46 years
I have been associated with Fitvigour for over 5 years – I still remember meeting him for the first time in April 2014 and having a discussion about general fitness. Being a sportsman myself, i was quite intrigued & impressed by the thought process of this young man who clearly had a vision that went way beyond his years. Since then i haven’t looked back and over the past 5 years I have reached amazing levels of fitness. Generally, people associate fitness with strength & weight loss – At least, I initially did. Working with Fitvigour over the years has made me realize the true essence of what real fitness is all about. Yes, I did lose about 10-12 kgs within my first year of training with Fitvigour but that was only the beginning. Since then I have overcome various mental & physical challenges – from lower back-pain or cervical discomfort to successfully accomplishing feats like running marathons and Ultra marathons. I won’t be exaggerating if i said that the past 5 years of my association with Fitvigour have transformed my life in many ways.
Fitvigour is now introducing a new world for fitness enthusiasts that focuses on core physical & mental well being, benefits of good eating habits, how to take care of your body and above all, benefits of positive thinking. I wish Fitvigour all the very best and look forward to embark on this new journey with him.
ruchi tiwari
Ruchi Tiwari
Age- 40 years
Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy life!
I had been working out for a while and wanted direction and inspiration. I started training with Fitvigour, and he made me do things which I never thought I could do – squats, push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. He has given me the outlook that shows I have no boundaries. Myself. I have been able to reduce 15 kgs in the last 2 years.Now, I am more flexible with an increased stamina and confidence. I feel much better about Myself.
Rajika Mishra
Rajika Mishra
Age- 40 years

I have been training with Team Fitvigour for almost 3 years. He is extremely encouraging and pushes to achieve the goals we have set. Workouts are always different and I look forward to each training sessions. Fitvigour is very focussed  and helping me tone and strengthen my body so I will be able to compete to the best of my ability. I would definitely recommend Team  Fitvigour. I reduced 12 kg weight in 1 year 6 months.

Atharva Wasekar
Atharva Wasekar
Age- 13 years
My name is Atharva Wasekar. I am 13 years old. I really enjoy the Fitvigour class. It is very fun and has taken my fitness to another level. I have developed both mental and physical strength. I was very unfit before, but now I’m quite fit. The class begins with a full-body warm-up. Then we do many different exercises and parkour tricks. The class ends with a full-body cool-down.
Shipra Makhija
Shipra Makhija
Age- 36 years

I Shipra Makhija have been an active member of Fitvigour since 2016 (a few months after the birth of my second son) and there has been no looking back ever since. The training program has transformed me completely from someone who wouldn’t dare to run for 400 meters to a Marathoner now (who could finish 42.2 km with ease and comfort).

The training program is customized according to my fitness level and with each stage I felt more fit. There is a vaccum if I miss the sessions due to personal and work commitment and I am just so addicted to these sessions. Not just me,my husband and elder son (7.5 years) are an active member of Fitvigour program and we are progressing to become a Fit family each day. A special mention for Bikash Sir for providing us with the comfort yet train us to become a better version of ourselves.

Apoorva Sharma,
Apoorva Sharma
Age- 17 years
For the past 3 years, Fitvigour has been my only constant: through the boredom, adolescent ups and downs, changing seasons and changing years and, of course, The Boards.
And now, it is my happy place, my Zen, where I sweat it out, muscle it up and punch my dark clouds off.
Sneha Kullai
Age- 17 years

For the longest time I was one of those people who would have short bursts of motivation to get fit. I would work out for 2-3 days, inevitably relapse and go back to my old ways till the next wave of motivation hit. I knew this wasn’t sustainable in the long run. I came across FitVigour about 3 years ago, and ever since, my perception about fitness has never been the same. The classes are blend of different workout and are the furthest thing from being monotonous or boring. I felt like I was always on the move. The journey to being fit didn’t seem like a chore anymore. I genuinely began enjoying the process and started feeling so much better about myself. Fitvigour has equipped me with knowledge and confidence that showed me that workouts can be done wherever, whenever and don’t always have to be at gym!

Richa Seth
Richa Seth
Age- 39 years

I am associated with Fitvigour for a little less than a year. I am a person who is regular in morning walks, cycling or anyone physical activity daily. Before I started this fitness program I used to have knee pain almost for more than 5 years. No physical activity helped me much to overcome my knee pain. I was not sure whether I will be able to sustain working out or not.

With the rigorous and systematic workout plan with under supervision and guidance of Fitvigour I have gained stamina, I have seen tremendous improvement in my knee pain, I have become much more flexible, active and can see muscle strengthening as well. I can do a full squat, half squat, duck walks, frog jump, climb stairs, run and whatnot.
My gratitude to team Fitvigour to bring me to such a level which I had never thought. This could have not been possible without the heart and soul which sir puts for each one of us. I am passionate about working out with Fitvigour.
Thank you so much!!
Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma
Age- 52 years

I had already started running for past few years on a regular basis. I started attending training classes of of Fitvigour  since beginning of 2018. There is tremendous improvement in my overall fitness since then. I find myself attentive and agile through the day. Strength of core achieved through the training of Fitvigour  has helped my stamina grow and helped my running as well.

Medical Condition – Type 2 Diabetic for past 12 years

Ashish Gupta,
Ashish Gupta
Age- 36 years

Always had the passion for running since school time, however, I just could not live the passion as my legs did not use to be strong enough, my legs used to pain even when I walked for 3-4 km. Then post joining a digital advertising agency, there used to be no time for anything but work.

Then one day when I met a doctor who told me there are multiple health issues due to my lifestyle. I started running..5 mins..10 mins used to be very difficult, but kept on pushing myself, registered and practiced for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon for 1 month, and hence started my journey of living my passion when I was 31 yrs old, used to ran regularly for whatever small time I used to get.Used to see team Fitvigour coaching in my society, and one day I decided to talk to him, it was a chilly day in last week of Dec 2018.. and he just invited me to come for 3 days of trial classes. I started my official fitness classes, and since that day till today it been almost a year, I have been regularly trained by Fitvigour – twice a week.

I have seen so much change in myself and my life in the last 1 year, in fact, I would say I got rid of my belly fat first time in the last 11 years..I haven’t seen a doctor in so many years…This year I officially ran 7 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and 1 Ultra Marathon 50km Trail and this was all possible because of regular motivation and training of Fitvigour, I am so so thankful to you sir. He just has one motive – to make everyone in this society fitter and healthier. I strongly recommend you all to join Fitvigor and know what all you are capable of. A good coach can change your life completely. I can say this as he has changed mine. 2019 was the best year for me when it comes to fitness and health.

Thank you Fitvigour, you have been a great friend and a wonderful coach.

Ayush Daga
Age- 14 years

My name is Ayush and I am 14 years old. Thanks to Fitvigour team for creating a fun workout environment. Here your body is your workout equipment. Functional training is built on the principle of natural human movement and it is a perfect blend of ancient evergreen style of fitness like yoga and modern style. No machines are used so good for the environment, saves electricity and chances of injury are less as well. I don’t want to miss the class during exams as well, as it is a total mind refresher. When I joined them I could hardly do one pull up but now I can do 10 pull-ups. I have also noticed a significant improvement in my stamina as well.